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Тема: Grape Insects


The grape berry moth is a key pest of grapes that is distributed in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and in eastern Canada.  The larvae of this insect can cause serious damage to commercial vineyards by feeding on the blossoms and berries. Infested berries may appear shriveled with fine webbing. Damage by grape berry moth may increase mold, rots and numbers of fruit flies. While grape berry moth larvae may only damage a few berries in a cluster, it is impractical for growers to remove damaged berries and webbing from clusters. Hosts include wild and cultivated grapes.  The adult moth is small, active, and about 1/4 inch long. When it is at rest with its wings folded, there is a brown band across the middle of the insect, the hind portion is gray-blue with brown markings, while the front portion is gray-blue without markings. The full grown larva is 2/5 inch long, pale olive-green, and can have a purplish tinge from the food it has eaten. The pupa is about 1/5 inch long, greenish-brown to dark brown and found under a flap cut in the leaf surface.

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